How to meditate

95 pages written by Tibetan Buddhist Master Lama Samten
All the teachings of the Buddha concern the practice of two kinds of meditation: the meditation of concentration and the analytical meditation.

The first aims at attaining calm-abiding (samatha in sanskrit) or the temporary cessation of mental afflictions. The second aims at obtaining a special insight on reality (vipassana) which allows to eliminate the very source of these afflictions.

The present text is a brief presentation on how to develop these two qualities in accordance with the Buddha's teachings and those of the great indan and tibetan masters who commented on them.

It is meant to be used by practitioners as a complementary manual to the verbal explanations and empowerments of the teacher.

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How to meditate

  • Book written by Tibetan Buddhist Master Lama Samten on how to learn the basics in meditation on calm abiding in respect with the Buddha`s Teachings